Tenielle Neda's journey in music started when she was a small girl, recreating songs from church on her mother's electric organ. Once she got a guitar, she began songwriting and has never looked back. Already she's been a finalist on a reality tv contest, written a pop song which appeared on the tv soap Home & Away(!), and released a mainstream folk/pop EP through Universal Music/Island Records Australia. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Tenielle’s relationship with Running Club Records began via the Running Club Podcast which was recommended to her, and resonated with her enough to prompt her to make contact. Described by one music critic as having a "heartbreaking catch to her voice", Running Club’s fourth signing brings yet another different flavour to the music we’re releasing and championing.

Inspired by her faith, Tenielle has embarked on a new sound as an independent artist, and written and recorded an EP entitled Mercy, to be released in 2019. At Running Club, we’ve been captivated and moved by what she carries – she has an exciting future ahead. You can follow her at @tenielleneda or find out more on Facebook.