About Rivers & Robots

Rivers & Robots started as the solo project of Jonathan Ogden from Manchester, aiming to release worship songs with a creative sound, often based directly on Bible passages, and produced mostly at home with a laptop, keyboard and guitar. The name Rivers & Robots came from the mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments used in recording.

In 2012, Jonathan grew the project into a full live band, going on to record albums as a 4-piece. The band have since had the opportunity to lead worship and go on mission trips in many different cities around the UK, Europe and Asia.

Now living as missionaries, the band spend their time leading worship in churches, clubs and at festivals, hosting monthly worship nights in gig venues around Manchester and running a non-profit organisation called Set Sail, raising up creative worship and art in the UK.

In October 2018 Rivers & Robots announced that guitarist Philip Shibata was joining the band on a permanent basis, and relocating Rivers & Robots helped Philip record his own solo EP ‘Seasons to Seasons’ after meeting him in Germany in 2015. They say “It became clear that he shared the same vision for creativity in worship and seeing artists and creators equipped and encouraged to use their gifts for Jesus.” So after a few conversations, Philip and his family decided to relocate to Manchester so that he could join the band and become closely involved with Set Sail.