NEW SINGLE OUT – 'Waters' – Junior Garr

Waters’ is the first single to be released by Junior Garr on Running Club records, but it arrives against a backdrop of previous music and gatherings Junior has orchestrated, which have earned him a strong following. Junior’s hope is that people will see the beauty of God though a multicultural expression of worship which unites them. This single explores our collective identity as children of God, in synergy with the scriptural use of water for cleansing and healing. It carries a strong sense of our belonging in a garden-style paradise where we truly come alive, and its lyrical and sonic metaphors are reflected in the cover art. This beautifully represents the holistic nature of Junior’s work and worship, and will form the foundation of a series of visuals supporting the forthcoming EP, which stand as pieces of storytelling art in their own right. The images depict the profound messages of each song in a way which ties together words, melodies, scripture and imagination.

‘Waters’ is the first single from Junior’s forthcoming EP, and is the first in a series of songs which offer a revelation of heavenly ideas brought to earth.

Watch the stunning video for ‘Waters’ here.

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