NEW SINGLE OUT – 'Vanity' – Tenielle Neda

The release of ‘Vanity’ adds to Tenielle’s collection of thought-provoking singles each telling a story of

part of her personal journey of faith. This next single – the oldest song on the EP – speaks

about not falling into the trap of being enticed by ‘all that glitters’ in this world, but setting

our gaze on what Jesus did for us on the cross, and holding on to that hope rather than

grasping for the temporary things of life which are bound to disappoint. It resets our focus

from the worldly onto the eternal, and carries a message of broader perspective and

security, despite unsettling circumstances, culminating in a chorus which declares the hope

we have in Christ’s victory at Calvary. Once again Tenielle’s ethereal vocal and poetic lyrics

are likely to resonate deeply with audiences looking for ways to articulate some of these

experiences and emotions which we all share.

Running Club Records