NEW SINGLE OUT – 'Valley Of Vision' – Tenielle Neda

Tenielle Neda's new single 'Valley Of Vision' is out now, completing her EP 'Mercy' which will be available digitally or as a signed CD version, and is officially released as a complete project on 18th October. The accompanying video for ‘Valley Of Vision’ comes out on 11th and it's another beauty from Fuzz Digital. This song is directly inspired by a prayer written by Arthur Bennett for a book of puritan prayers that he collated. Tenielle was deeply moved when one of her Bible College lecturers read it during a chapel service. She bought the book straightaway, and found that Valley Of Vision was the first prayer you open to. It was so beautiful that she just wanted to sing the words. Her song was written fairly quickly until the end. She says, “I loved the prayer so much, I was struggling to get it all into a song, and I didn’t know where to take it.” The bridge came together about a month before she went into the studio, and she says it’s her favourite part of the EP because it fills her with comfort, hope and joy. For the backstory behind the other songs and the process of crafting the EP, check out this mini-documentary Tenielle recently released.

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