NEW SINGLE OUT – 'Person In Christ' – Tenielle Neda

‘Person In Christ’ is the third single to be released by Tenielle Neda on Running Club

Records, and articulates her emotions at the point where she committed her life to Christ.

Becoming aware of all the things in which she had previously found her value and identity,

she wrote this song to capture the newfound sense of love and grace she experienced

when she recognised her identity as being grounded in Christ.

The song is about the unrealistic expectation of asking a person or a passion to be our

saviour, and the beautiful realisation that they cannot and need not fulfil that desire

because it is fulfilled in Jesus. It is a song of humility, surrender and declaration, and

Tenielle says it is the most personal track on the EP. Her hope is that it resonates with

listeners and inspires them to look for their own worth in the only one who can truly

satisfy and provide. Listen now.

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