NEW SINGLE OUT – 'Antidote For Apathy' – Tenielle Neda

‘Antidote for Apathy’ is Tenielle’s second single on Running Club Records, and the next part of her Mercy EP – a collection of songs which follow her personal walk with God. About the new track, Tenielle says: “I recall during my time at Trinity Bible College, I read a quote from Jim Elliot and it really stuck with me (this became the verse lyrics). Some time later, I was thinking about another quote I had heard which went something along the lines of  ‘The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference (or apathy).’ I felt really convicted by these ideas and what the Bible had to say about them, and just the idea that doing nothing was not loving at all. (See also Luke 6:32–36.) The thought of being ineffective, idle and unloving was what motivated this song. It is my prayer that I will be intentionally loving, and live out my faith in real and tangible ways. I truly believe that the love of God is the only thing that is a lasting and persevering antidote for our apathy, because it is his love that compels us to love others beyond what we would normally be capable of, and which overcomes worldly, temporal fears. Pondering all these things also bought to mind the verse ‘He who tries to save his life will lose it’, which I later realised appears in all 4 gospels. It seems to be the scriptural version of the Jim Elliot quote.” Listen now. Or for a video version, with full lyrics, head over to YouTube.

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