NEW SINGLE - 'Time's Not Wasted' - Josh Gauton

Time's Not Wasted

‘Time's Not Wasted’ is the highly-anticipated second single from Josh Gauton on Running Club Records, following the massively successful ‘Cathedral’ which got over 130,000 streams in its first two weeks. In contrast to ‘Cathedral’, ‘Time's Not Wasted’ begins with a much more chilled, gentle and ethereal feel, although builds to similarly epic levels and retains the grittiness that characterised the first single.

With lots more music due to drop over the next few months, the momentum is high and the fan base is growing. Combine this with Josh's fresh sound and engaging creative, and we've got a recipe for big things over the coming year. Get involved by following him on Twitter/Instagram (@joshgauton), listen to the new single now HERE and share the extraordinary video far and wide... It feels great to get incredible music out there for the world to enjoy – trust us!

Brad Heydon