NEW ALBUM OUT - 'O, Peace' - Josh Gauton

Gathering together his 2018/19 Running Club singles, and building on his earlier independent EP, Josh Gauton has just released his first complete album – a body of work which has been characteristically trailed with an intriguing video and the pre-release of the title track, of which Josh says, “It feels like it encapsulates best the journey I’ve been on and the heartbeat of the album.”

Expectations from Josh’s musically-discerning fans have been high for ‘O Peace’, which features more of Josh’s unique sound and intricate writing, as well as some recognisable moments, plus a collaboration with Elle Limebear. The strong lyrical themes are bound to resonate with listeners,  and there is plenty of contemplative space, balancing out the more upbeat, driving tracks. ‘O, Peace’ is now available across digital platforms and also in physical form, in some beautifully designed CDs and vinyl (which can be ordered over on his merch store). Josh’s artistry is expressed holistically in this project. Every part of it carries his personal fingerprints – from the carefully crafted lyrics and inspiring melodies through to the typically striking cover artwork and his captivating videos and live performances. We can look forward to seeing more of all these elements in 2019 as this album takes his music to new audiences.

Listen to the full album ‘O, Peace’ now.

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